Molding Around Objects - ShapeLock is excellent for making ergonomic handles on existing tools or for molding around other objects.

Making Molds - ShapeLock can be used to make single or multi-part molds of other objects. The only limit is the ability of ShapeLock to be fully pushed into highly detailed depressions. A coating of vegetable oil, wax release agent or syran wrap will prevent ShapeLock from adhering to the object being molded.

Custom Parts and Brackets - ShapeLock can be used to form holders for other parts, brackets and frameworks. For instance it can be used to hold the sensors for a robot.

Motor Mounts - ShapeLock can be molded around small motors to build a mounting block. This block can then be drilled and/or tapped.

Ball and Socket Move-able Joints - ShapeLock, when cool, has a slightly self-lubricating surface, much the same as Nylon. This property can be used to create "Ball and Socket" joints which easily move.

Fixed Joints - ShapeLock can be used to make fixed joints which are therefore reinforced to much greater strength.